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Seed PT

Looking for a friendly, approachable, knowledgable Personal Trainer? Look no further! Whether you're looking for regular or sport specific PT sessions, coaching or mentoring, information about dealing with exercise and eating disorders, or simply finding out more about Hertfordshire-based fitness, welcome. 



“Trinity is a fantastic PT. I started working with her after knee surgery when I wasn't feeling confident with exercise. She listened to what I needed and worked with me on my rehab and made it fun to get moving again..”

Personal Training

Seed PT is primarily about delivering fun and empowering personal training for individuals of any age, any body shape and size, and any fitness level. As a Level 4 specialist PT and an experienced athlete myself, I pride myself in my knowledge and enthusiasm for fitness. Whether you're looking for a weekly PT session or an occasional boost, a personal workout plan to follow, or online classes, you've come to the right place!


Seed PT is committed to challenging the damaging narrative that is often peddled by fitness professionals in the industry. Seed PT is a particularly safe space if you're not in a good place with food, body image and exercise.  I have professional and personal experience of working with eating disorders and care deeply about helping people who have had bad experiences with gyms, personal trainers or fitness environments in the past!

Find out more, book sessions or get in touch by hitting the button below!


Coaching and Mentoring

Desperate to leave disordered thoughts and behaviours behind you? Keen to find the joy in life that is currently just out of reach? Eager to be able to go to the gym without the pressure of needing to do a certain amount or burn X amount of calories?


I understand as I have been there. Many times. For years! 

A key component of Seed PT is coaching and mentoring around fitness, food and lifestyle. Recovering from an eating disorder, or an unhappy relationship with your body is a task that simply cannot be done alone. A good support network is vital and coaching sessions can be a huge help to individuals or families looking to make progress. Having benefited from informal mentoring from a couple of amazing individuals who had come through ED recovery, I now love to use my personal and professional experience to help others in similar need. 

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