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FOR parents


Want your teen to be more active?

Worried about eating disorders?

Concerned about the impact of diet culture or weight stigma?

Want family PT sessions?

Worried about the influence of social media?

Want more confidence to talk to your teen?

Need a positive role model/mentor for you or your child?

I'm a PT with a difference. I take a holistic and academic approach to health and wellbeing and am particularly interested in working with young people. Teenagers (especially girls) are overlooked as a demographic within the fitness industry. It means that a lot of teens get all of their information and instruction from the internet, often from unqualified 'influencers' who frequently spread damaging and dangerous 'fitness' messages.


Using my own experience of recovery from an eating disorder, as well as my PT qualification and training in mental health and eating disorders, my approach to working with both parents and teenagers is empathetic, joyful and bespoke!


Consulting and Advice:

How do you help your children to develop good body image? It's a tricky topic and there isn't a huge amount of information available to help. I will support you with those conversations and provide you with a foundation of ideas and encouragement. 

Often this process requires a bit of personal reflection too - does your language and your behaviours need a tweak? Probably. 

Whether it's a chat every fortnight during a walk in the park, or a coffee morning with a group of parents, I can help you think through and form a strategy for creating a positive approach to food, exercise and body image in your home.


My hourly consulting/mentoring rate is £30. 

Get in touch to book a free 20 minute consultation
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