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Helping young people's mental health, providing coach education and staff support

Seed PT offers:

- PSHE Workshops for pupils

- Inset Day Training and Twilight Training for Staff 

- Talks for Parents 

- PE lessons

Girl doing fitness, leg raises and smiling outside. Personal trainer working with a teenage girl, ab exercises.

PSHE Workshops:

'Eating Disorders' - this session includes a bit about my experience (with minimal triggering content), covers the different types of eating disorders, how to spot the signs, and how to support a friend. It is designed to open up conversations and encourage participants to challenge the stereotypes and common misconceptions. 

Suggested for Year 8+

'Body Image' - this fun, interactive session looks at body standards, role of social media, the Body Positivity Movement, and positive role models. Participants are empowered to contribute to discussion and debate.

Suitable for year 5+ 

Every session is bespoke for your school following a free consultation. I will tailor the workshop to the age group, group size, gender mix, and time available. 

For the grown-ups:

Talk for PE and Sports Teachers: A 60 minute interactive talk about my experience with an eating disorder and the relationship between sport, exercise, and disordered eating. I will practical advice to common questions and am happy to work with your school to address any particular issues or scenarios you may be dealing with. 

Talk for Parents: Supporting a child with a negative perception of their body image or disordered eating is unbelievably difficult. I talk openly about the relationship with my parents and what I found helpful and unhelpful during my recovery. I can provide advice that helped me and also signpost to a number of useful books, online resources and support services.  I include a Q&A session at the end. 

Please fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of this page for more information or to book! In-person and Zoom workshops available.

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