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Mentoring, coaching, talks and workshops

Our bodies were made to run, jump, climb, leap, move. The problem is that the fitness industry has been built on selling a single fitness 'look' or 'ideal' which is not only unsustainable, but actually unattainable for most of us. There is more to movement than weight loss and finding different motivations for exercise will make the journey vastly more sustainable. Children figure out at a tiny age whether or not they are 'good at sport' and that can shape their relationship with health and fitness for life. 

I'm here to change that. Joyful movement is available to ALL of us. It might take a bit of education, persuasion, kindness or motivation, but leave that to me.



Using my experience of recovering from an eating disorder, combined with my love of sport and background in Personal Training, I offer: 




Family Fitness sessions

Parenting a teenager with a damaged relationship with food or exercise is extremely tough. There is no checklist or manual to follow, but experience does help. Let me help you.


I am a Level 3 PT and I work with anyone looking for a positive, fun, sweaty workout! Whether you're a newbie to the whole exercise thing, or looking for some sport specific training, I can help! I offer:

1-1 Personal Training

Group Classes

Mother and Daughter Fitness

Workout Buddy (not specifically training, but coming for a run or workout to provide banter and accountability)

I offer online sessions and covid-safe 121 sessions!

woman doing a headstand. outdoor yoga with blue sky. yoga pose in sports wear


I provide bespoke age appropriate, body neutral, positive sessions. Whether you're looking for a talk, a workshop, or a practical PE lesson, I can help!

PSHE lessons


PE lessons


(Recommended for year 5 onwards)

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