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The reason for launching my company, Seed PT Ltd., came from the desire to help other people with a similar journey to me. Having had an eating disorder for the best part of 12 years, I bring a significant supply of compassion and understanding to my education-based PT and mentoring services.

I offer mentoring to individuals in recovery, working alongside parents and medical team/dieticians (if involved), to provide some peer-to-peer support and encouragement. Usually this mentoring is geared around a return to exercise or sport and I create appropriate workout plans for clients who have been given the all clear to start building up some strength. I benefitted hugely from some similar peer support during my later stages of recovery and it became a turning point for me. If you're interested in booking a free consultation, please get in touch:

I also help other personal trainers, sports coaches, and school PE teachers to understand eating disorders and know how to help any athletes or pupils who may be struggling. There is so little guidance out there and unfortunately it's easy to exacerbate someone's eating disorder by saying or doing the wrong thing. Coach education and awareness is absolutely vital and is something I can help your club or school with. 

Drop me an email or a phone call to arrange a more in-depth chat. 


Exploring the links between sport, exercise and eating disorders 

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