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Positive, fun and performance-driven personal training in Hertfordshire and online!

I'm a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Sports Coach with 8 years of experience. I work with people of all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds including:

  • Athletes at various levels from club to GBR ranked

  • Individuals recovering from injury (e.g. ACL rehab)

  • Older clients looking to improve or maintain mobility

  • Clients coming back to exercise after a long break

  • Clients with various mental or physical health conditions

 I won't ever make you take 'before' and 'after' photos, or progress pictures. I'm not particularly interested in making you lose loads of weight or constantly tracking your macros. The results that I care about are all based around performance related goals and/or your relationship with your body, exercise and food. Whatever your goals may be, I can help you build your strength and confidence and to find your fit!

I travel to you and make the whole experience as stress-free and convenient as possible.

BOXING - I offer hour long 1-2-1 Boxercise sessions. Learn punches, practice combinations and feel yourself get stronger and fitter with every session!


Need a PT, coach and a cheerleader? I work with clients of all ages and love nothing better than helping people get stronger, fitter, and more confident. No diet talk though!

£40 p/h 

1-1 Sessions

1-1 Sessions


online class


online class

Sport Specific training is important for athletes at all levels. I'll give you exercises and drills to improve speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, reaction times, or anything that you need to develop to smash your performance goals

Contact for more info

Sport Specific

As a qualified and insured Boxercise Instructor, I love nothing more than teaching punches, combos and listening to the satisfying noise of a boxing glove making contact with a pad! Come along to my Boxercise class on Tuesdays.

£10 or 5 sessions for £40


Zoom PT sessions are a 2020 phenomenon and perfect for you if you're not particularly confident with exercise, need a bit of motivation or training inspiration for home workouts.

£20 - 30 mins, £30p/h

Zoom PT